Up and Downers Bushwalking Club

Photos of our adventures

Despite the bleak weather, there were still s one flowers to marvel at.
This one was a bright point in the coastal heath.
2 grey faced herons on Moonee Beach
Flat Rock Point from Moonee Beach
Seaweed on Moonee Beach
Looking back at Ghosties Beach and cliffs from Flat Rock Point
The Palm Circuit had completely different vegetation to the rest of the walk.
Cambourne Ave to Belrose Microwave Tower Return 7th March 2020
walkers in Garigal NP: Cambourne Ave to Belrose Microwave Tower Return 7th March 2020
at the lookout for morning tea
Frenchs Creek
Lunch at The Cascades
Lunch at The Cascades
Crossing creeks with water in them was a skill we hadn't used for a while.
The angophoras were in their best new red coats.
Peaceful creek
We lunched sitting on rocks listening to the water rushing by.
The sight of cute fungi is a reward for the wet weather.
The mangroves were teeming with crabs.
A pair of lyre birds- just 2 of the 4 seen on the day.
Angophora hispida.
Elephant rock
Grand Canyon lunch spot
20191109 - Our group at Scopas Peak on the Girrakool to Staples Lookout walk
20191109 - Flannel Flowers
20191109 - Boronia
20191109 - Mooney Mooney Creek from Scopas Peak
20191109 - Lunch at Kariong Brook Falls
20191109 - Kariong Brook Falls
Open country near the entrance to Ikarra Gorge, dotted with wild flowers.
You can't keep a good man down!
Ikarra Gorge, filled with trees and waratahs.
The path along the gorge follows the cliffs and over hangs.
Lions Head on a misty morning
Bragging rights- first waratah sighting for this season.
Descending tot he valley floor through a forest of telephone poles.
Slab hut renovations
A fat, lazy lace monitor
The ascent isn't getting any easier.
Very pleased to reach the cairn at the top.
Bush cockroach
20191019 - Great North Walk - Forest Road return
20191019 - Great North Walk - Forest Road return - the group
20191019 - Great North Walk - Forest Road return - the group 2
20191019 - Great North Walk - Forest Road return - flowers
20191019 - Great North Walk - Forest Road return - flowers 2
A great day watching the Bears beat the Jets
Three keen fans
Waterfall into Jeannie's Pool, Rocky Ponds
View over the Hawkesbury from Tank Creek's last fall.
Rocky Ponds
View from the Icicles
Lunch at Rocky Ponds
Christmas In July Bells
View from Baltzer Lookout
Looking down on Hanging Rock
Looking over the nose of Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock
Point the most curious reached, beyond Hanging Rock
Thornleigh -> Hornsby 27/4/2019 early on the track near Thornleigh
some challenging steps
happy after lunch at Fish Ponds
fun rock formations
a pleasant walk through the bracken
our track on the map
Whale rock
A good day for fungi spotting
Bracket fungi too.
family fungus
Water surging through the fish ponds
Lovely forest, smooth flat track.
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Mt Mouin
Castle Cove
Puffer Fish
Fascinating fungus
Mangrove reflections at Scott's Creek
Fancy fungi
Best panorama shot ever
Lots of walkers out and about in good weather.
Under Lennox Bridge
Leaving Lennox Bridge
Holding the Blue Mountains together.
One side straight, one side curved.
Movie set
Movie set
Native bees made a good home of an abandoned culvert pipe
Views from the top
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Waratah Walk Waratah
River walk
River cave
It's easy to see how nature can inspire fashion.
Egg casing of a Port Jackson shark.
watching fish at the "hole in the wall"
Up & Downers do Cave Beach
A very busy echidna.
Flannel flower- a sure favourite.
Beautiful scribbly gum in Botanic Gardens
Maybe this is why it's called Cave Beach?
Lunch at the Botanic Gardens
Our first for this year
More flannel flowers
Swamp wallaby with joey to farewell us on Sunday morning
Dramatic tree on the 6' track
Cold morning, clear views.
Sue crosses the Cox River, wiht help from an unexpected quarter.
Elsje on Bowtell's Bridge
Downstream view from Bowtell's Bridge.
Yin and Yang.
Rocky platforms and magnificent views.
Everyone helped find the elusive track.
Walking along the ridge, with the end insight.
Scribbly gums.
Fig tree roots on the Don Ritchie walk
Up and Downers at the Hornby Light.
Summer bushwalking attire
Taking in the view from Balls Head
Box Point
Lion Island from Box Point
Im not here! You can't see me!
Grass tree flower.
Jerusalem Bay
NOT Taffy's Rock
Purple Hyacinth Orchid
An ever optimistic Bruce and his Loch.
King Parrots
You should have been here last week
Still smiling
Rushcutters Bay
Dawn demonstrates the joys of pie with peas and potato.
Lunch at the Fishmarkets
Anzac Bridge- nearly finished.
That's where we're going.
Morning tea at The Coll, enjoying the view and the chance to rest.
Masked Devil
Starting the descent.
Waratahs at the northern end of the descent.
That's where we've been!
Waratah at the Sphinx
The clear waters of Cowan Creek
Reflections in Cowan Creek
Cockle Creek- great lunch spot.
Look Mum- no hands!
Upsidedown man
and his friends.
First waratah sighting of this year, and a magnificent specimen, too.
The protective rock over hang.
and the art work inside.
Lunch at Costens Point
Spring has come!
Rice flowers.
The swamp heath was magnificent.
A lovely surprise on the homeward stretch.
On Barrenjoey Headland
Looking south as we descended Barrenjoey.
Wattle in full bloom.
Looking north from the lunch spot at Bangalley Headland.
Native clematis
Swamp wallaby, Royal National Park
Rock platform
Little Garie
Fresh water meets salt.
Group shot.
Bridle Veil Falls
Grose Valley
Flying high over the Grose Valley
Young Bluegum forest.
ochre hand print
Swimming hole
Group photo of the day.
Oh- so it's a REAL table in the cave!
With a cairn that size, we really must be on the right track.
Mt Wondabyne
An early wildflower to match the views.
David tries some alternative transport.
How to keep bushwalkers out of the dump.
"The Magnificent 7" or "how to fill in time on a fire trail".
Lake Woodford.
Edith Falls
Hazel Falls from the inside.
Lunch at Hazel Falls
Getting things into perspective.
Dave demonstrates the uses of a tree.
Are we there yet?
Lunch time reflections- Glenbrook Creek.
Martins Falls.
Glenbrook to Springwood
Glenbrook to Springwood
May 2017 Kedumba Valley-Lions Head Circuit
Heads are down already
Reflections, Lane Cove River.
Gourmet lunch, and gourmands.
Fungus pretending to be a floral arrangement.
So where are we going to cross?
Bushwalkers are fearless.
Five Islands
Lunch at Mt Keira
Sunbathing with a view.
On top of the world.
A diamond python checks out the route.
We fantasised about mushroom and yabby stew!
This shot is the right way around.
The tree of revenge.
Entrance to the tunnel.
The Seacliff Bridge from the escarpment
part of the fungus collection
More fungus
The Illawarra coast line from the escarpment, glimpsed between the clouds.
Our lunchtime companion, with picky taste buds.
The leaders finally hit the front, at the end of the day.
Mountain Lagoon
Morning tea with a view
Lookout over the Colo River
Lady in the wilderness. The Cool River
Climbing up the escarpment was hard work.
misty view from Govetts Leap.
Warm weather followed by rain leads to the inevitable fungus.
Lunchtime companions.
Spectacular escarpments made fantastic viewing despite the mist.
The afternoon contingent above Porters Pass.
Finally, that elusive view!
David and Justin frame the view at Spion Kop.
Who knew power boat drivers were artists?
Rock pool in the creek, refreshed by recent rain.
Just one of many magnificent angophoras.
Colleen takes on the defence of Sydney Harbour.
Early in the day, we were still working on our synchronisation.
Flowering sundews.
Body double at Hangman's hole- Bruce and Garry.
The Old Great North Road with convict built wall and buttress.
Underneath Thomas James Bridge (or was is James Thomas Bridge?)built 1830.
Photos from Mangrove Mountain area Aboriginal art site walk, October 2016. Amazing Gymea lilies
And waratahs
And flannel flowers
And then there were the art sites
Michael Morris is now officially Australian
Flanked by a cockatoo and Betty Windsor!
"Witnesses" helping celebrate the occasion at the Rag & Famish
Weir and waterfall at the end of Jingga Track.
Calytrix tetragona

{Common Fringe-myrtle]
Lava funnel at Minerva Pool.
Australian native flower display at Mt Annan Botannic Gardens
Julie tells the time.
Australian's all let us rejoice!
Australia does massed flower display - Super!
Much tastiness
The first leap
The second leap
Lane Cove National Park, Thornleigh
wild flowers at morning tea time.
Home sweet home.
On the track.
Waterdragon and his lunch.
Two and a half sisters.
Fingal Spit
Crossing the island
Looking north from the lighthouse.
Lunch at the lighthouse.
A path through the flannel flowers.
And back again.
Bradfield Park
The Harbour Bridge from Bradfield Park
Wendy's secret garden
Sawmillers Reserve
Morning tea at Sawmillers Reserve
Looking back to Manly
Crater Cove cottages.
Destination in sight- Balmoral Beach.
The start of the walk at Wondabyne Station.
Reflections in the pool.
Wondabyne Cave.
She's been everywhere!
Spotted pardalote.
The end is in sight.
Apre lunch.
Manley Reservoir
A leader chooses the track for all the right reasons.
Spit fire Sawfly lava.
Royal NP Audley to Maianbar
Royal NP Audley to Maianbar
Royal NP Audley to Maianbar
Winifred Falls
Royal NP Audley to Maianbar
Royal NP Audley to Maianbar
Anice Falls
Track or creek?
Interested spectator
View from Towlers Bay Lookout.
Barrenjoey from Resolute Beach
Lunch on a high perch.
Ready to cross the fish ponds.
The fish ponds.
Botany Bay National Park.
Multi-tasking:morning tea and whale watching.
Cape Solander
Can you see a whale ...
Found ... 3 seagull eggs
Time for lunch and enjoy the view
Blue Mountains under cover
Three Sisters
Beautiful ice flowers
Lockleys Track
Walking up Lockleys Pilon
What a view
At Du Faur Head - where to from here?
Walking away from Du Faur Head
Garry, near Darks Cave (be careful)
View from Du Faur Head.
En suite shower for Darks Cave.
Garigal NP
The Boneyard from Bombo Headland
Climbing the last rise.
Atop the Dragon's Jaws, Narrowneck.
Gross Trig.
The Goal of the Winmalee Walk.
Walking through the Bluegums
It's a grey day for a Winmaleeeagle!